Monday, November 30, 2015

10 Reasons Why Guitarists Should Take Online Lessons at JamPlay - Beginners and Pros alike

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For those of you just landing here you might have been searching through trenches of the web looking for a reliable, efficient, and fun online guitar lesson program. Well now, it's time to start learning how to shred! You might be contemplating whether to join a guitar lesson program with engaging classes for beginners, or you may already be shredding like a pro but plan on improving your music skills even further... That's cool too! Give yourself a pat on the back, because you are now on your way to quickly becoming a guitar hero. All it takes is dedication to your craft and maybe some guitar lessons from Tosin Abasi at the JamPlay online Guitar and bass school.

This may or may not be for you, but I have used this program for years and can boastfully say that it helped me to master my instrument while also proving to be a WAY more effective method of learning guitar than attending a music college (Berklee cough cough)... With a booming archive of lessons from revolutionary guitar hero's like Chris Norris (Darkest Hour), Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders), and Bumblefoot (Guns 'N Roses) one can rest assured that when pursuing guitar mastery, this program will ABSOLUTELY be conducive to musical success and prowess.

So here it is...


1. 79 PRO GUITAR TEACHERS  (All reputable, touring artists, with musical success)

-The teachers WILL get you playing songs within hours. This is really the most valuable thing about any education program and I cant stress it enough. Just teach me what I need to know so that I can start playing songs!

-The teachers are all hands on and get to the point. The ample amount of visual assistance is helpful with developing proper techniques and hand positioning.

-I have learned from college professors and private instructors. I am done wasting money, now I learn strategies from the pros with no long lectures or personal philosophies attached. Learning from a pro is a practical, linear, and efficient process. Revisit lessons if you need to. Learning any other way just seems like a waste of time.

-I'd highly recommend checking some of the teachers band projects out for yourself before you subscribe with JamPlay. Some of my favorites include Tosin Abasi, Travis Miguel, David Davidson, and James Malone. Here is a video of Tosin playing Wave of Babies by his instrumental music project "Animals as Leaders".

-Available to answer your questions with the daily live Q&A feature. The teachers are very quick to respond to any questions which can be really helpful when I miss something but in my opinion the lessons are adequate without the Q&A. Best thing to do is just learn what you can, repeat until perfected with the backing tracks JamPlay provides (Super useful), then move on and learn more. Repetition means everything in becoming a proficient guitar player in my opinion.

2. Would you rather pay for school? 50 dollars per private lesson? How about less than half that to learn from actual PROS?

-I have taught guitar lessons for years at rates of 30-50 per hour using these same JamPlay training videos to educate my students. Once a student asked me "Why take private guitar lessons when I could learn to play guitar online?"

I thought to myself "Fuck this job." like many great teachers would,

but I kindly replied with "Private lessons do seem to be an obsolete method of learning your instrument, but I suppose its just a matter of your personal preference."

Take it from a pro guitarist and Berklee College of Music drop out, I have been the teacher, the classroom student, and the online student. I want peoples money, but I also want students to share the same enthusiasm I have for performing guitar. So I play all sides of the education business now; teaching kids how to play, and partnering with Jamplay as an affiliate:p

3. Learn at your own pace 

Which is always faster and more effective than learning in a classroom amongst the remedial public. If you're like me, you probably understand that most popular ideas are wrong. College is one of them. I see too many crappy players coming out of music school to hold this institution to a high standard. 

-Online lessons at your own pace is the most efficient way to learn. 

-Many students fail to account for the amount of passion they might have to compromise in the academic music structure. Don't start associating the idea of a fun learning project with a tedious schoolwork assignment.

-Learning at your own pace will cultivate self discipline and good work habits!

4. The library is GIGANTIC

 -New guitar lessons really are added to the JamPlay database daily which is impressive, but also necessary to keep up to date with relevant playing techniques, which I found to be difficult with the lack of guidance provided by just using tab software like Guitar Pro or Tabit. I still really enjoy Guitar Pro:)

-JamPlay adds relevant artists to its repertoire constantly. You're not just going to start out learning Smoke on the Water, unless you want to that is. Learn from the rock stars YOU love to listen to. Stay entertained in the process. 

5. Wide range of hand techniques that conventional tab software's can not teach. 

-I cant emphasize how important learning songs with proper technique can be for students. You should be able to play advanced songs on guitar without getting cramps or expending a lot of energy. Proper technique makes all the difference in the world.

-The program is profoundly visual. There isn't too much ear training involved which could be helpful but I find that learning songs visually will be faster than learning by ear; although there is pitch recognition game they feature on the site. Ear training development will come naturally. 

Kris Norris: Darkest Hour - Demons 

6. Features. Features. Features.

-More features than any other online guitar lesson program.

-Like Rocksmith, JamPlay does have a comparable interactive game feature. I prefer to learn from the archive, but it is fun to visit the game section every now and then. Rocksmith is a great software that I've had a lot of fun with, but I cant imagine actually learning pro techniques from the Rocksmith game due to their lack of visual assistance. 

-The Badass Scale Library is an amazing feature for aspiring song writers! Once you get these scales down there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish as a guitar player.

-Guitar Tricks doesn't have the same features. 

7. Guaranteed

-100% Money back guarantee. 

-I believe this is a true indication of nobility, when a company is so confident in the satisfaction of their customer that they're willing to offer a money back guarantee. 

-Nothing to loose, and everything to gain. Beats guitar lessons from Justin:p

8. Community and Blog

-Being part of a guitar community you can share with will propel you.

-May inspire you to create content. Record music and videos of your guitar playing. 

-Receive feedback and appraise from a community of like minded individuals.

9. Jam Tracks

-Repetitive playing with backing tracks is probably one of the most effective ways you can refine and perfect your performance. Drills = Skills. 

-You SHOULD be part of a band, but when you fall short on members, the Jam Tracks are the NEXT BEST THING. 

10. Guitar playing could be THE most important skill you will ever develop

-Become a more stimulating social companion by being musically educated AND having a viable skill set. This probably explains why rock stars attract so many people (besides the marketing and label exposure). Music matters yo.

-Become an active listener rather than passive. Understanding why music elicits specific emotional responses is said to improve your Emotional Quotient (EQ). The cognitive functions that performing music demands from the player is proven to increase IQ. 

-Be additive at coffee shops and camp fires. Play your friends a song!


-JamPlay is one of my all time favorite programs for learning guitar. I also really enjoy tabit and guitar pro, but if you want to excel at guitar quickly and have fun while you do it, I would highly recommend the JP website, especially if you are seeking guitar lessons as a beginner. Last time I checked, full access to the website, the features, and training videos were available for 19.95. I also took the liberty of finding a list of the best discount codes to use at this JamPlay link. Enjoy!

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